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This weekend I’m going with my one friend to see a friend of her circle’s. He seems alright. Apparently he had an uncle or something who was Autistic, so perhaps he’s understanding. I don’t know.

A week ago, I went to a going away party. How did I do? I have no clue.

You see, in order to self assess, you need to be able to gauge the response of others. If I could do that, I wouldn’t need to do this level of analysis.

I’ve been reading a book on game theory, and I think that this sort of idea can actually help me make some sense of this bizarre Earth ritual called association. I’m not a math genius or anything, but numbers are something substantial. Rules are consistent. 1+1 will always be two. The only way it isn’t is if it gets other things involved, but they’re always given values. There aren’t any surprises in math. There are only discoveries of the logic that already existed.

Still, I can’t go around with a pad of paper giving values for each persons traits and responses based on their beliefs and motivation values. That would be more awkward than I already am! sigh

Heh, I suppose when it comes to me and socialization, it’s less game theory and more Chaos Theory!